Getting into apparel product photography business

There are all sorts of photographers out there. You will find photographers specializing in just about in aspects of life or business. We all have heard of wedding photographer, some might even saw the movie. There are photographers who shoot models, some shoot glamor models, some shoots supermodels. Some are specialized in taking car pictures while some might be more into precious stones and jewelleries. Just like any other areas of photography, there is apparel product photography as well.

If you are an established photographer in this apparel photography business, then you are all settled with your studio and clientele. However, if you are just getting into apparel product photography, there are few things you will need to take into consideration.

First, obviously you will need to be a master in taking apparel product photos. There are all different types of apparel products. For example: sports wear, spring clothing, winter clothing, underwear like bras, panties, tanks, formal dresses like suits and party gowns, just to name a few. You must be familiar with photographing each and every single different product.

You must have a studio for sure. A photographer without a studio is not much of a photographer at all. Even lots amateur photographers have their own studio, whether or not they are using their studio to make a living or just for a hobby.

Aside from lights, camera equipments and all other photography accessories, you will need a table for tabletop photography of small items and of course whole bunch of mannequins in different sizes and shapes for shooting your apparel photos.

Some photographers these days are leaning towards invisible ghost mannequin dummies as they find it useful to shoot invisible mannequin images. If you are into photoshopping yourself, you can edit your own photos or if you are too busy of a photographer who doesn’t have time for your photo editing, you can outsource your invisible mannequin photo editing as it this type of image do require photo editing and retouching.

Some photographers shoot pictures during the day time and edit them at night. This will only work if you have low volume of business. If you have high volume of well paid clients, you will not find the time to edit your images by the way.

You may find the need of image masking service, invisible ghost mannequin editing service, clipping path service or other photo editing services as not always all the photos will come out 100% deliverable.

Its relatively inexpensive to outsource your photo editing needs to some offshore photo editing services companies so you go ahead and run your photography business and focus on acquiring new clients. Let the photo editing job to others who do that for a living.

Use of clipping path before creating an invisible mannequin effect in Photoshop

If you are not into apparel photography shooting or editing business or not an apparel business owner, you might not be familiar with the terms ghost mannequin or invisible ghost mannequin. However, you must have seen those clothing product photos on various websites where there are 3D images of clothing items showing the shape of the clothing and giving you a feeling like someone is wearing the item.

You must have also see those dress form mannequins that are displayed on the sales floors or clothing product stores. Basically this is a Photoshop trick to create an invisible mannequin effect for the clothing items. Not sure who is the genius behind the invention of this invisible mannequin photography, but for good period of time, it is being used as a most popular way of photographing a clothing item.

You might be wondering how the process is done where it gives the viewers an illusion of someone or some mannequin is inside the clothing product but the person or the mannequin is invisible. Basically it is just a Photoshop trick. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you would probably know how it is done. At least you will know what clipping path is and how it is used to clip a product out of an image.

Basically clipping path is used to cut the dress out of the mannequin. Typically 2 different images are needed per product. Both of the raw images are clipped at the initial phase. These two clipped images are then joined together to form the invisible mannequin effect.

Typically business owners outsource the clipping path service and the invisible mannequin effect creation in Photoshop. Whether it is a small company or large apparel company we are talking about, most of the companies these days are finding that outsourcing these processes are time and cost efficient.

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