Editing ghost mannequin photography

With the rise in use of ghost mannequin images for marketing purposes, Photoshop experts who are skilled in this job are being in great demand. While just about anyone can edit a photo using Photoshop, editing ghost mannequin photography is a bit trickier than anything else.

There are few steps into editing ghost mannequin photography. In the first step, the photo editor will need to clip the dress or clothing item out of the mannequin. Typically multiple sets of pictures are taken for a single finished ghost mannequin photography. The picture that is shot putting the apparel item on the mannequin will need to be clipped out of the mannequin in the first level.

Once the clipping of the first image is done, then the second image which is usually without mannequin gets clipped around the selected areas. Usually around the inner neck part.

Once these multiple clippings are done, they then are joined together to form a ghost mannequin effect. There are some other editing and retouching also needed. For example, in the process of clipping, some lines may not be straight which later on will need to be straightened up. Some areas will need a little touch ups. A good Photoshop editor will pay attention to details while working on ghost mannequin photography. Just clipping couple of pictures and joining them together will not cut it.

If you need professional output, then paying attention to details is a must. That’s where the professionalism comes into play. If you hire an amateur photo editor or a cheap photo editor, this last step of paying attention to details will be ignored or omitted. Make sure you work with a professional photo editor on your ghost mannequin photography.
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