Different type of photography

How many types of photography are there is beyond anyone’s guess. There is practically individual type of photography for every possible topic out there. For example, celebrity photography, newborn photography, wedding photography, fashion photography, glamor photography, pregnancy photography, car photography, landscape photography, jewelry photography, and what not. The list could just go on.

And there is one specific type of photography called ghost mannequin photography.

What is ghost mannequin photography? It is a special type of photography in the apparel industry. Idea is to create a type of photography where the apparel item or the dress is believed to be on a mannequin but the mannequin is not visible. Sine the apparel item looks like it is on a mannequin and the mannequin is invisible, it is named as ghost mannequin photography.

There are different types of photographers also for each different type of photography. A photographer can be best at taking profile photos but can suck really bad at taking jewelry pictures. Same goes for pretty much any specific type of photography. Well, by concept, any professional photographer will be able to take any type of photo but it takes specialized photographer on a specialized topic t be able to take high end photos.

Ghost mannequin photography may not need that type of specialized photographer but there are few steps involved in taking this type of photographs. A photographer will need to have the general concept on how to prepare the clothing or apparel items for photo shoot. This is the most crucial part of the entire process. Once the photographer is familiarized on taking this type of pictures and knows about the preparation it needs for the photo shoot, he or she then can proceed with the actual phase which is the photo shoot.

This photo shoot session is only the first step in creating ghost mannequin photography. Once the images are taken, they are then passed over to someone who is skilled with photoshop. This photoshop editor then takes these raw images and converts them to ghost mannequin photography.
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